4/28 Went to the Fingerlakes RBA Show in Palmyra, NY

They held the American Chin Nationals. We didn’t do all that well with American Chins. But a few of the MiniRex did get awards.

  • GEFR Cocoa (#FX2C4) won BOSV in both shows.
  • GEFR Miss Kim (#F2BB2) won BIC (Blue Sr Doe) in both shows.
  • Lilac Buck FL1 won BOV in Show A, & BOSV in Show B.
  • GEFR Laura (#FSD4) won BOSV in Show A & BOV in Show B.

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GEFR Cocoa (FX2C4) won BOSV in both shows 9.75 months oldGEFR Miss Kim (F2BB2) won BIC (MR Blue Sr doe) in both shows 8.5 months oldMEFR FL1 Sr Lilac Buck won BOV in the 1st show, BOSV in the second show 8 monthsGEFR Laura (FSD4) Lilac Sr Doe won BOSV in the 1st , BOV in the 2nd  8 months

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