Went to NYS Grand Finals in Syracuse, NY 10/4-5/14

The American Chins won BOB & BOSB in all 3 shows. Buck FG1 won BOB in Saturday's shows, & Buck FOP1 won BOB in Sunday's show. Doe FG8 won BOSV in all 3 shows.

Rocker's NETS won BOSV (Red New Zealand) in all 3 shows.

My Lilac MR Buck won BOSV in all 3 shows

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FG1 (American Chin Buck) won BOB in Saturday's sowsFG8 (American Chin Doe) won BOSV in all 3 open showsRocker's NETS (Red NZ) Won BOSV in the 3 NZ Shows at NYS Grand FinalsF2S1 (FR SaintPaulia x Family Pride's TKK Lilac Buck) Won BOSV in all 4 MR Shows

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